Feed the animals! $5 Feed buckets HORSE & PONY RIDES THIS WEEKEND!

Birthday Parties




Birthday Parties

"Its your birthday, its your birthday..."

Here at Chestatee Wildlife, we love to celebrate BIRTHDAYS!

We can  accommodate any size party.  

Here's how it works:

Email us with the date and the information we require on the "Party Reservation" form below.  We will confirm the date and time if it is available.

The field pavilion and large pavilion are free of charge.  


$5 for ages 11 and younger 

$10 for 12 and older

You will be responsible for paying for each person once all have arrived. 

(We do not collect from individuals you invite to your party.)

Feed buckets are available for $5 each.

Wagon rides are available for an additional $100.

Reservations are required.  

Wagon rides.

Wagon rides.