Animal Encounters

Breakfast With The Big Cats! White Siberian Tigers, Golden Siberian Tigers, and more!

    This is an absolutely awesome encounter!  You can feed our Tigers, Zebra, Bears, Elk, Emu, wolves, Z-donks and more along-side our lead keeper C.W. Wathen.  

This is a personal encounter with your own private group-no strangers.  Take awesome selfies that none of your friends will believe!

     You must arrive promptly at 9am because the animals are ready to eat rain or shine!  (You will need to eat your breakfast before arriving!) Dress appropriately and wear closed toe shoes like tennis shoes or boots.

     The cost is $200 per person with a minimum of two people.  The minimum age is 10 and must be accompanied by an adult. Reservations and pre-payment are required.  

     For date availability please send us an email at

     Availability is extremely limited because this encounter is only offered once a day- make your reservations your private encounter now!

Example cost:  Big Cat Feeding 2 people x 200= $400

                                                         3 people x 200= $600


Small Animal Encounter


Small Animal Encounter

This awesome encounter gives you and your guests the opportunity to be with the animals up close and take relly cool pictures! Hold a beautiful Moluccan Cockatoo, a cuddly Hedgehog, a young Alligator, a very curious African Spur Thigh Tortoises and a very sweet brown and white Skunk!  

The cost is $100  for your whole group. (In addition to regular admission).

Be sure to let us know ahead of time because we are always limited on availability.

For date and availability please send us an email at 

(Encounter is approx. 30 to 45 minutes)